The Less Fortunate

img_compassion365b.jpgThe topic for All Pro Dad in the month of April (April 5th) is “Caring for the less fortunate“. I’d like to compile a list of the places and organizations that people contribute to for the Dads and their kids. They can be local organizations or opportunities to give across the world. I’m also looking for ideas and creative ways that Dad’s and their kids can make a difference in the life of someone less fortunate. It doesn’t always have to be money. Your responses and ideas are much appreciated!

So…What are some ways that you care for the less fortunate?

Surely We Can Change…Something” by David Crowder Band

4 thoughts on “The Less Fortunate

  1. We give to the local food bank, the several missions and shelters in the area, and the humane society. We also take the opportunities that God gives us when we see the homeless, hungry on the streets to provide for them whenever possible. The donations to the food bank, missions, and shelters need not be money but can be food, toiletries (purchase them at the large drugstore chains when they are free after rebate), or time (which can be just being a friend, service in some way, etc.).

  2. 1. Color pictures or write letters for kids at Children’s Hospital.

    2. Help the kids go through their toys to donate to a local charity (we give to the Vets of America)

    3. Do the same with clothes they have outgrown.

    4. Take a look at their school/classroom. There just might be a kid sitting right next to your child that needs someone. Talk to the principal/teacher so that it can be anonymous.

    5. Contact the local Children’s Services. You know my desire to start an organization to provide suitcases for foster children. So many kids carrying all to their name in a black garbage bag.

    6. Visit a nursing home. I know it can be a little uncomfortable for the kids, but the residents love the visits from children. When I did a part-time social work job at a nursing home the residents faces glowed with joy at the children.

  3. I belong to an organization called, The King’s Daughters and Sons, and one of the projects we do is collect poptabs for the Ronald McDonald House. They sell the poptabs to get money to support the house. They also accept all kinds of items that are needed at the house, such as towels, sheets, microwave popcorn, gently used toys, etc. If interested I can provide the list of what they need. It’s a great place to support. The Ronald McDonald House is a place for parents and siblings to stay while their child is in Children’s Hospital.

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