Let the madness begin…


We arrived home tonight and the kids were all very excited to see us. We were just as excited to see them. After getting all of them to bed, the reality and madness of being home started to creep in. From the stack of mail on my desk, to the exploding email inbox, it was clear that we are back to reality again.

This is a warning that as long as Carolina is in this tournament, there is going to be no shortage of posting here regarding their run to the championship. This is, for me, the most wonderful time of the year. We are 6 wins away from another title and I really like their chances. I am going to go on record now as saying I don’t like their bracket at all. I love that they have the opportunity to play 4 games without leaving North Carolina, but their bracket, in my opinion is the toughest to get through. It all starts on Thursday.

Get your .pdf bracket here.

One thought on “Let the madness begin…

  1. I hate to burst your bubble, but the great Karnak doesn’t see the Heel’s making it past my Hoosiers in round 2. They went thru some program problems and dropped a couple games at the end of the season to become the sleeper of the bracket. It’s all strategery, I tell ya…

    If not, I’m rootin’ for the Heels, I guess!

    (Nothin’ but college hoops love here, my brother!)

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