t1_0316_unc_ap.jpgI know this is probably dangerous ground, but I am going to go on record publicly with my picks. “The Boy” and I went through the brackets last night in a brainstorming session. We did not agree on all of our picks, which makes it even more fun. One standard in the Conrad household every year is to take Carolina all the way to the finals. We do our best to be fair, but generally have Dook getting upset early. This messes up the entire bracket, but our inner Tar Heel just cannot help it. Below are my picks for the Final Four as well as the entire bracket. Let the debate begin.

Final Four
UNC vs. Georgetown (can you say payback?)
Texas vs. UCLA (this should make Bart and MercyMe happy)

Championship Game
UNC vs. UCLA (Sorry Bart, but Love and Collison too much)

Final Score
UNC 86 UCLA 79

Get my entire predictions here unc-wins.pdf