ps2.jpgSomewhere in this bald head of mine, I guess I always knew this day would come. The day when I would officially start getting beat at Playstation 2 by “The Boy” on a regular basis. Don’t tell anyone, but tonight, he extended the winning streak to 4 games in a row. The games have been different (NCAA 08, NCAA 2k8, Backyard Basketball and NBA Live 06), but the results are starting to speak for themselves. Gone are the days of choosing Columbus State Community College while he chose North Carolina to keep things fair. He’s crushing me no matter who I choose.

Then telling me about it….

Tonights epic struggle went the distance though. It was the Suns (him) vs. the Pistons (me). We went three overtimes and he finally put me away by 10 points. Steve Nash ended the game with 108 points. Chauncey Billups had a measly 91. I kid you not. Ask “the boy” he’ll be happy to tell YOU about it.

I could have won, but I think Chauncey’s right arm fell off after the second overtime from taking so many 3 pointers. The good news is that it will be warm soon so we won’t be playing so much PS2. The bad news is that I figure he will be killing me in real basketball by then too.