The Voice….

In one of my favorite songs by John Waller, he states that he wants to do “something so big, it’s destined to fail without you Lord“. Well over the weekend, I started to hear “the voice”. You know the one I am talking about. The one that makes you say “you’re kidding right”.

I have spent the better part of two days going through scenarios in my mind of the implications of what I felt (and feel) like “the voice” said. If I made a list with two columns on it that said “makes sense” and “makes no sense”, the “makes no sense” list would far outweigh the other side. Yet this voice persists. I figured it would be gone in the morning, but it’s still there. So far today it has prompted me to email Bornandbreded and call one of my leaders in Charlotte.

Ever heard that voice? Last time I heard it, we acted and have had nothing but confirmation ever since then. I just can’t for the life of me understand the whys and hows of the latest request. But isn’t that the essence of faith? Isn’t there something exhilarating about hearing that still small voice and acting on it? While I try to tune out discern “the voice”, check out this song by John Waller. He does a much better job explaining it.

Something Big” by John Waller

3 thoughts on “The Voice….

  1. Well he built it and they came Aaron… 🙂

    When God speaks you had just better listen, be obedient and move as the Spirit leads! You’ll never be sorry…
    Stretched perhaps, but what’s life without a little adventure, hm?

    If :The Voice is God speaking, then I say Go for it Aaron!!!

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