questionmarks.jpgAfter some emails and phone conversations, I guess I need to answer some questions that have come up regarding my previous post. Sorry it was a bit cryptic, but to quote Brian McKnightin all things time, time will reveal“. While we all wait, let me answer a few of those questions and put some rumors to rest.

1. I am not going to build a baseball field in my backyard. I don’t even own corn.

2. I am not going into business with bornandbreded.

3. I am not going into the ministry.

4. I am not quitting my job, or leaving my current place of employment.

5. I have not lost my mind nor have I been visited by little space people.

6. I am not going to leave everything I have to follow John Waller on his current tour.

That should be just about clear as mud. I do think there are a few clues in there, but since I know what it is and others don’t it might seem to make more sense to me. There is much, much more to come on this thread.