decisions-714972.jpgInteresting time around this head of mine. I am flip flopping more than John Kerry in the 2004 Election. I am interested in what others do in times of decisions that involve hearing from God. It has been my experience that you sense God is speaking through one direction. You then try to accumulate the data or signs that might also be pointing in that direction as validation of what you think you sensed. Yet if you are like me, you need to speak to others to confirm, gain input, wisdom or understanding. Or do you?

That is what the past week has been for me. I’ve been collecting data, talking to friends and people I know. I’ve shared the information with accountability partners in my life, family members and those that pour Godly wisdom into my life. Yet here we are…still no decision. I know I am not as patient as I should be, so waiting is also very hard for me. Yet I keep looking and waiting for that silver bullet of wisdom to make the decision oh so clear.

So how about you? Where do you turn for big decisions? Where do you go when you need to gain wisdom in making a very large transition? What is your pattern of discernment when it comes to decisions that effect your entire family?