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Where Do You Turn?

decisions-714972.jpgInteresting time around this head of mine. I am flip flopping more than John Kerry in the 2004 Election. I am interested in what others do in times of decisions that involve hearing from God. It has been my experience that you sense God is speaking through one direction. You then try to accumulate the data or signs that might also be pointing in that direction as validation of what you think you sensed. Yet if you are like me, you need to speak to others to confirm, gain input, wisdom or understanding. Or do you?

That is what the past week has been for me. I’ve been collecting data, talking to friends and people I know. I’ve shared the information with accountability partners in my life, family members and those that pour Godly wisdom into my life. Yet here we are…still no decision. I know I am not as patient as I should be, so waiting is also very hard for me. Yet I keep looking and waiting for that silver bullet of wisdom to make the decision oh so clear.

So how about you? Where do you turn for big decisions? Where do you go when you need to gain wisdom in making a very large transition? What is your pattern of discernment when it comes to decisions that effect your entire family?



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  • Hope · March 31, 2008

    I always pray first and check out what the Bible has to say on the subject, if anything. I always listen for God because I do have a gift of discernment, and therein sometimes lies the problem. Depending on what the situation is, I’m always concerned that I’m reading a little “me” into things, so I call my mentor and run things past her. If she’s unsure, speak to one of the female pastors on staff. If there’s no clear answer I know that His answer might be “no” or “wait.” and I do (sometimes with my teeth clenched.) :)

  • Stef · April 1, 2008

    Big decisions are not made overnight. I do similar things that you do. I think most of us bounce major decisions off mentors, inner circle friends, family. One thing that I have seen in the past for me is confirmation. What I mean by that is that after I bounce things off people, confirmation comes from someone who comes up along side of me and totally agreed with me and walked the rest of the journey with me. Having one or two people come along side of you with the same “vision” has been a clincher for me. Walking in God’s direction with some friends who share the same vision is it.

  • Fred McKinnon · April 1, 2008

    I totally relate, though I’m not in that position now, I’ve been there in major transitions in family, ministry, and business in former years. I’ve no doubt I’ll be there again some day. Ultimately, I just pray and counsel, pray and counsel. At some point, the counseling is done, and I just wait for peace. Sometimes, life’s circumstances won’t allow us to wait anymore, and an answer is required. At that point, I just trust God, and believe that He “directs the response of my tongue”. As long as you are submitted to the Lord, you have to trust and have confidence that “many are the plans of a man’s heart, but the Lord directs the reply of his tongue”, and “the Lord determines his steps”.

    God has a way of bringing that right person along, just at the right time, who will speak the word that will bring everything into clarity as well. I will pray this morning that this will happen for you “sooner than later”.


  • Aaron · April 1, 2008

    Thank you all for your response. I failed to mention leaving a post on my blog so that others could share their wisdom and encouragement as well. One of the greatest parts of the blog world is the ability to connect with others and have them share in your journey. Thank you all!

  • stushie · April 1, 2008

    Isaiah 58:11 The LORD will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.

    I love reading the book of Isaiah, for the ancient prophet says many things that touch my soul. He belonged to a wandering people who, in his time, were exiled in a foreign land. The fact that Isaiah emphasized to them that God would guide them always, was a source of great encouragement for his people. They thought that they were isolated and separated from God; Isaiah reassured them that God had never let them out of His sight, and that He was still in control of their destiny.

    We all need to hear words like that throughout our lives. When we go through times of trouble and fear, uncertainty and doubt, Isaiah can speak to us across the ages to reassure us that God will guide us, even through the roughest patches in our lives. We may not know or understand what is happening, but God always knows the way ahead, so we can depend upon Him.

  • Rindy Walton · April 2, 2008

    Praying, asking, talking, listening—and then that “gut” feeling that just won’t go away no matter how hard you try…

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