Me at halftime…

It’s 10:00pm on Saturday and two things are clear to me right now.

#1. I hate Sports Illustrated.

#2. We are getting absolutely embarrassed by Kansas.

Kansas 44 UNC 27

3 Replies to “Me at halftime…”

  1. Aaron

    Congratulations to Kansas. No doubt about it.

    I don’t remember the Globetrotters ever blowing a 28 point lead.

    One thing we can agree on…we will absolutely keep Roy! Thanks!

  2. edtajchman

    lol, nah, this crazy victory makes us even now, the whole thing would of never been such a big deal, if Roy didn’t say he was staying, then we threw him a parade here in lawrence, then he leaves. If he would of Manned up and told the truth, or at least dodged the truth till he left instead of lying, the whole hatred for Roy would of never happened, but we’re even now. No more bad blood….truce…..

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