Tips and Tolls

Yesterday morning I set out on the drive to Charlotte, North Carolina. As I was cruising along, enjoying the incredible weather, I noted the sign “Toll booth ahead“. Uh-oh. If you’re like me you don’t often carry cash. I pretty well use the debit card for all transactions.

Tip #1 There are 3 toll booths on I-77 in West Virginia ($1.25 each)

I was frantically digging through the car looking for change as I got closer and closer. I only came up with .95 cents. When I pulled up to the booth I said “I’ve got .95 cents…and a debit card”.

Tip #2 Toll booths don’t take debit cards.

She rolled her eyes and explained to me that she could write down my drivers license information and give me a reciept which I have 14 days to return with payment. The next 2 booths would do the same. Meanwhile, the line behind me at the booth was growing and growing.

Tip #3 It’s not a good idea to make people wait at a toll booth.

Good times…

Ironically enough, when I got to the hotel and was unpacking my bag, I found 3 quarters that have been in there forever. I noticed that one of them was the newer kind that has a state represented on one side of it. Wouldn’t you know that the state represented on the quarter was…you guessed it…North Carolina.

For those praying with and for us this week, Heather and I have decided to use the Prayer of Jabez as I drive and walk through potential neighborhoods in Charlotte. You can find that prayer (HERE). I will also be carrying a certain quarter in my pocket as a reminder of Gods calling and faithfulness. Lastly, I will make sure I stop at an ATM before I make my return to Columbus.

8 thoughts on “Tips and Tolls

  1. Hey LJ,

    I have been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. In times like this, one nugget of truth that I read in a Max Lucado book (I think “Just LIke Jesus”), is that if you are in the word, and earnestly praying, and only you know if you are, YOU CAN TRUST THE DESIRES OF YOUR HEART.

  2. Should have warned you about the toll booths. Sorry. I never did like West Virginia and those toll booths. We lived in Lewisburg where Eric went to Med School. I swear I will drive around that state to get to my destination. I was almost late for court one day for those toll booths. Anyway, sorry to vent, but you brought back bad memories.

    Enjoy your trip in North Carolina. Just relax and enjoy the ride. You and your family will be blessed for listening, being available, and showing obedience to the Lord.

    P.S. I’m packing boxes for KY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. LOL!! I don’t think I know anyone who got a bill from a toll booth!! Too funny!
    Hope your trip is great and hold on to that quarter!!

  4. Mudpuppy – No doubt. I think I could easily navigate a swipe of the card as I cruise on through the booth.

    E-Ley – Thanks for the prayers and wisdom. Love the part about the desires of our heart. The key is making sure our desires and His desires are the same.

    Mary – Great news about packing for KY! Hope all is well on the search. If I would have had a GPS, I would TOTALLY have been skipping those toll booths. anything to save a few bucks 🙂

    Emily – Thanks for the warm welcome. It’s good to be here!

    Stef – Wait until I show you. True story. I have not one, but 3 bill’s from toll booths. That quarter will be with me for the unforseen future my friend.

  5. Trust me… take the toll booths. I learned in WV to ask how long does it take to get from point A to point B? Not how far? It could be over a mountain or through the valley, you never know. So, the side roads are scenic, but long. When you come back over Sandstone Mtn. just imagine it in a snow storm. That was me about 9 yrs ago… white knuckles!!!

    Don’t let Stef give you a hard time about a toll bill. I turned in more than one several times. Nothing like not having toll money with a juvenile delinquent straight out of corrections sitting next to you laughing.

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