Just Wondering..

This struck me as funny the other day. I don’t follow a whole love of NASCAR, but I caught the celebration at the end of the All-Star race in Charlotte (Gods Country). Really the only reason that I watched this was because Kasey Kahne won and the organization I work for sponsors his car (about a foot long banner near the rear windows). While they are interviewing him after the big win, dude is chugging a Budweiser. I’m sure it’s in his contract somewhere that he has to shotgun a 12 ounce while the cameras are rolling. So here is what I am wondering….

Does it strike anyone else as odd that a beer maker is sponsoring a race car? I know it’s all about the advertisement dollars, but the whole drinking and driving thing just struck me as ironic. I’m not getting on the soapbox. It’s not like he is hitting a 6 pack before the race. Just wondered if I am the only one that ever found that a bit odd.

2 thoughts on “Just Wondering..

  1. Never put the two together myself. Very interesting…At least it was after the race, like you said. Talk about the pileups if they were chugging beforehand.

  2. I don’t think it’s odd.

    Most people know that drinking and driving is a bad mix and just because the car has Bud ads on it they don’t automatically drink and drive.

    Using the same logic, we’d also have to believe that people would be predisposed to using Viagara while they drive as well.

    Logical fallacy, but promoted by Our News Media and other Nervous Nellies.

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