Quite a week in Tar Heel Country. First the bad news. I just caught this article from Danny Greens father saying that D Green is as good as gone to the NBA. If you happen to stumble across this blog Danny, let me give you some advice. Stay in school. I’m no NBA scount, but dude, you were the 6th man. Give your old buddy Marvin Williams a call. Last time I checked he is still trying to live up to expectations in Atlanta. He too was a 6th man. Your decision making at times last year was questionable and the NBA is much faster. You need one more year.

Possibly worse than that news was the announcement that Alex Stepheson is transferring out of Tar Heel country too. Before you go thinking that Roy has a mutiny going on, Stepheson is understandably transferring closer to home to be with family that is ill. This one bums me out. Stepheson really came on at the end of the year and was the shot blocking force that the Heels so desperately need.

Now the good news. The Heels signed Justin Watts yesterday. Dude’s a 6’5″ stud to compliment the other 3 studs that are coming in this year. We’ll be young, but we will be just fine. What would have made this news even better though is to know that the three prodigal sons will return to Chapel Hill for one more run at a title. Should that happen (which is highly doubtful) we gotta be the odds on favorites to win it next year. The depth would be unbelievable.