That large crashing sound you hear is the Cleveland Indians tanking this season. No sooner had they reached first place (with a .500 record), as of last night they had lost their 5th in a row. As if that wasn’t bad enough, 3 of those losses came to The Reds and two came to the division rival White Sox. Good times.

Why is it that the teams that were expected to rip the cover off of the ball this year (I’m looking at you Detroit) have been terrible at the plate. I figured that the winter off would help Hafner find his gone-a-year-now stroke. It hasn’t and he has quickly become a drain on the low market Indians payroll.

It’s still early, but I am starting to wonder if the coach and or hitting coach is feeling some heat. The pitching has been lights out. Cliff Lee has been amazing. Time to wake up the bats boys or CC is gone by the All-Star break and we’re bringing up the Kids to get an early “look-see”.