The news this morning was unbelievable. I had to read it twice to make sure I understood what I had just read. As this day has gone along, I’ve read the other posts, seen the reports and I just couldn’t bring myself to post anything. Not even sure I want to do it now. It is at times like this when I have to be real honest and say I don’t get it. Once again, my finite mind trying to understand an infinite God. I’m sure you have heard already, but Steven Curtis Chapman lost his little 5 year old girl in tragedy yesterday.

If you’re like me, the artists that you really appreciate and listen to become a part of your story and life. Their songs play like a soundtrack for moments in your life. It’s as if when you hear them, a slide show runs through your memory of exactly where you were when that song spoke to a memory. Perhaps more than any other, Steven Curtis Chapman songs hold the soundtrack to many of those moments for me. Most recently is the song “Cinderella”.

Music has a way of healing. Music can move our emotions to places we could not make ourselves visit on our own. The only thing I can cling to today for the Chapman family is in the lyrics to his music. Steven has written songs about hope for those who have lost loved ones. He has written songs about understanding that “God is God” and he is not. Most recently, with “Cinderella” he wrote of the importance of capturing moments while our children are still young. I believe that Steven lives what he believes and that he understood how precious that time is.

My heart is heavy today. While I have never met Steven Curtis Chapman, his music has been like family to me. Based on the reactions and posts elsewhere, I would guess I am not the only one. As I stated on a comment on another blog, I now look forward to a day when we will be there to rejoice as the Chapman family reunites. It will be a day when an Infinite God can make those things that finite minds don’t understand clear. Until then, we can only look forward “with hope”……