I’m making it a public announcement…I have officially gone Mac. About a year ago, my man Stef gave me the ultimate hook-up of an old G4 tower (officially called Sawtooth in the Mac community). Thanks to the open architecture, cheap PC parts and ease of access, I was able to do some upgrades. Now she’s a 1.8 Ghz machine with 1 Gig of RAM running OSX Tiger. After all of the upgrades I probably would have been better buying a Mac Mini, but who knew at the time.

It took me awhile to officially make the switch, but I am happy to report that I type this post from said Mac. I have officially passed my Windows PC Tower onto “the boy” and am 100% Mac (I still use a Dell laptop for work). In the last 5 days or so I have created 2 DVD’s, home networked a printer and uploaded pictures without ever having to remove the flash card from the camera. Never once have I downloaded a driver, an additional program or gone to a web site for the latest updates. It simply just works.

I’m sold folks. Neo Office is handling all of my Microsoft Office files and I am producing and creating things that I have never been able to do (in about 1/3rd of the time) on a PC. I have also set my sights on a 24″ iMac as the next dream machine for my office. I am no longer a hater. There, I said it. Blame it on Vista. It was the final straw in a life long dependancy on Windows. So long Mr. Gates. Hello Mr. Jobs.