I received an email this evening from a subscriber to my blog that has an opportunity for each of us to consider. It is my honor to share something this important through my site. Below is an excerpt of the email I received…

“I am subscriber of your blog…..I have enjoyed reading and listening your blog for sometime now…. Can you help me with something?

I am in charge of the re-release of our film Expelled…The goal is to gain 1,000 new theaters to release the film….over the summer…We are booking new theaters now…

The caveat is that we need at least one group of 250-300 to support the film with a verbal commitment and then tell me personally what theater is preferred and I will see to it that theater get the film at once

It would mean so much if you could place something for our film telling your readers to contact me personally if they would like to see our film in their city….The film will not just show up unless someone books it with me…We only have 1000 prints and they are gone then we will not have any more to send…Please let me know if you would help me get the word out about out film…”

Please contact Tripp Thornton of Motive Entertainment at – Trippht@bellsouth.net

For more about “Expelled” check out the preview (HERE)

Let’s do what we can to get “Expelled” back in our towns this summer! Thanks in advance for helping Tripp with this important message.