3rd Base Coaching Box

This summer marks season 3 of little league baseball for “The Boy” and I. It all started with T-Ball and now we’re in our second year of “Coach Pitch”. Each game I take my place in the 3rd Base Coaching Box to do my best to bring our kids home. For the most part I enjoy it. Then there are nights like last night.

Being on the 3rd Base side means that I get to hear the comments from the parents of the other team. Most nights it is good fun. Last night was brutal. Being that I am not the model parent, I do my best not to judge others. Yet when I hear words that destroy 7 and 8 year olds and see the impact when the words hit, I get frustrated. I left the field last night disappointed. Then I saw this clip.

The clip below is of an 8 year old boy named Adam Bender. You can read his entire story (HERE). Adam is an inspiration and his story made my day. I was reminded again of The Miracle League and how baseball fields can be used to raise spirits and inspire 3rd Base Coaches.

2 thoughts on “3rd Base Coaching Box

  1. “…when I hear words that destroy 7 and 8 year olds and see the impact when the words hit, I get frustrated”

    Umm… yeah. We had four year old daughter in soccer this summer… and heard it there too. Ouch. They are FOUR! It was heart sinking. I even reached out to pat and rub one little girl on her back when no one was looking. My bleeding heart couldn’t take it anymore.

    God be with us, when our own tempers flare up. Amen?

  2. Great video Aaron. Talk about “no fear”. It convicts me of the times I feel sorry for myself and start thinking I can’t do it. If he can do what he does without fear then I shouldn’t be afraid to step up to the plate and start swinging too, even if I “strke out” or fall. He looks like he’s having fun too! I think I see using this clip in a message some time. Thanks.

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