This summer marks season 3 of little league baseball for “The Boy” and I. It all started with T-Ball and now we’re in our second year of “Coach Pitch”. Each game I take my place in the 3rd Base Coaching Box to do my best to bring our kids home. For the most part I enjoy it. Then there are nights like last night.

Being on the 3rd Base side means that I get to hear the comments from the parents of the other team. Most nights it is good fun. Last night was brutal. Being that I am not the model parent, I do my best not to judge others. Yet when I hear words that destroy 7 and 8 year olds and see the impact when the words hit, I get frustrated. I left the field last night disappointed. Then I saw this clip.

The clip below is of an 8 year old boy named Adam Bender. You can read his entire story (HERE). Adam is an inspiration and his story made my day. I was reminded again of The Miracle League and how baseball fields can be used to raise spirits and inspire 3rd Base Coaches.