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And The Winners Are….

The votes have been tallied and what would voting be in Ohio without a little controversy? Actually, there isn’t any controversy, I just have mixed emotions about the winners in my Toby Mac “Alive and Transported” giveaway contest. Without further delay, I give you our two contest winners….

1. Rindy Walton– Rindy has seen Toby Mac 3 times has three sons that will really like this CD/DVD package. I might be a bit biased, but I also have a heart for people that “step out of the boat” and launch a church plant. Rindy is doing just that at Walls Down Church. She is jumping into the unknown to reach the people of Cincinnati with the message of Jesus Christ. She has a great heart for people and her sons. This CD/DVD will play nicely as she makes the journey to Cincinnati to begin her ministry! Congratulations Rindy!

Now for the controversy. This kills every fiber of my Tar Heel lovin’ being to announce….

2. Jeff Korbini– “JK” and I go WAY back. While it kills me to give “the goods” to a Duke Fan (it hurts to even type it), I couldn’t be more happy to share this CD with the Korbini family. You can read Jeff’s comments on that post (which was by far the most creative), but he is a HUGE Toby Mac fan. He’s also a guy that is real and a brother whose Christian walk I admire. While I question his judgement in sports teams, one thing I don’t question is his integrity and love for his family. I know that Anthony, Marissa and Mauriana will be rocking out to this CD/DVD on a regular basis (*cough* wearing UNC gear *cough*).

So thanks again to my friends at Wiredforsound and EMI CMG for the opportunity to pass along the latest offering from Toby Mac. It doesn’t disappoint. Look for more contests in the future and congratulations again to Rindy and Jeff!


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  • JK · June 13, 2008

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people that made this dream of mine come true. I can’t believe I am here today with this opportunity, sniffle, sniffle… Thank you mom and dad for believing in me, especially when everyone around me hated me and thought I was a total looser. Thank you to the fans that keep me going, it’s you I do this for! Thank you Third Day for introducing me to Toby Mac. Thank you Faith Runkle for the bootleg video of the last Toby concert you went to! Thank you Al Gore for inventing the internet so bloggers could do these contests! Thank you Coach K, Shane, Elton, Jay, JJ, Wojo, Hurley, Laetner, Grant and of course PPPAAAUUULLLUUSSSSSS! Oh, yeah and a special thanks to Matt Daugherty for 3 of the best winters of my life! Thank you EMI for your involvement in this contest!!! It’s quit cliché, but …. The best for last… Mr. Aaron Conrad, from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU! You will be filling my house with even more FUNKY TOBY MAC than we already have! I solute you and say GO BLUEDEVILS!

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