I once had a friend that would say he was “waiting for a sign” before he would believe or have faith. He once told me this as we sat in his lovely home surrounded by comfort. I looked at his children as they were happy, healthy and playing. I thought about his wife and how they had a happy marriage. I thought about how they were both employed with great jobs and comfortable incomes. As we left their home, I noticed the 2 new cars in the garage. I couldn’t help but think to myself…”what other sign do you need”. Please don’t misunderstand what I am about to say. None of those material things are a “sign”. I guess my point was that my friend has been blessed. Many believe and have much, much less.

I thought of that again this morning as I continue to try to “find my groove” in a decision making process. It’s been months. I find myself saying that I’m waiting for a sign.

Waiting for lightning,
A sign that its time for a change;
And you’re listening for thunder,
While He quietly whispers your name.

But the sign and the word
Have already been given,
And now its by faith
We must look and we must listen

– Steven Curtis Chapman

I think I’m waiting for lightning. I think I’m listening for thunder. We all want the big sign don’t we? We want the doubt removed. We want to know, with certainty that if we take that step that everything else will take care of itself. In the meantime that check you get in your spirit, the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach is saying everything you need to know. You can’t shake it. It won’t go away. It keeps coming back. You turned left and for some reason you can’t stop thinking how you should have gone right.

Are you waiting for lightning? Take it from one that is too, maybe it’s not in the forecast. Maybe we’ve already got all the “signs” we need. Maybe we have all the “signs” we will receive. Maybe everyone knows and sees it but us. Friends……let’s not wait for lightning. Let’s move forward with confidence and follow that check in your spirit. It just might be the sign you are looking for.