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Gone to Carolina

The Family and I are still on our mini-trip to Charlotte. I’ll be back later this week to give some observations, reflections and thoughts.

Good Times…



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  • Jeff Korbini · June 23, 2008

    My joy returned yesterday!!!! Way to go Fresno State!!!!

  • Aaron · June 24, 2008

    Was a great time while they were coming back to win. The town was in shock this morning. It was a great run. Great run by Duke too….err…do they even have a baseball team?

    Three years in a row for the Heels in the CWS…Duke…not so much.

  • Jeff Korbini · June 24, 2008

    Let’s compare UNC and Duke…. Okay, UNC has had a nice little run in baseball… Football, both stink… Everyone knows Duke sets the standard for College hoops…. And Lacross parties, we know who has the edge there!!!!

  • Aaron · June 25, 2008

    Hey…you said it about the Lacross…not me. One thing I noted in Carolina was that the Duke gear was 50% off. UNC was still full price. Probably something to be said for that….


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