Gone to Carolina

The Family and I are still on our mini-trip to Charlotte. I’ll be back later this week to give some observations, reflections and thoughts.

Good Times…

4 thoughts on “Gone to Carolina

  1. Was a great time while they were coming back to win. The town was in shock this morning. It was a great run. Great run by Duke too….err…do they even have a baseball team?

    Three years in a row for the Heels in the CWS…Duke…not so much.

  2. Let’s compare UNC and Duke…. Okay, UNC has had a nice little run in baseball… Football, both stink… Everyone knows Duke sets the standard for College hoops…. And Lacross parties, we know who has the edge there!!!!

  3. Hey…you said it about the Lacross…not me. One thing I noted in Carolina was that the Duke gear was 50% off. UNC was still full price. Probably something to be said for that….


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