Charlotte Reflections

We’re back. Just in time for me to jet to Miami in a few days. We had a great time in Charlotte. Below are some reflections from the 4 days that were Carolina…

1. How did we travel before portable DVD players, GPS, Cell Phones, Twitter, texting, mobile web and facebook updates via text?

2. I have officially tried REAL sweet tea, fried pickles, southern potato salad and Carolina Bar-b-que.

3. Downtown Charlotte may be the cleanest city I have ever seen in all of my travels.

4. Tar Heel and Panther gear is 100% more available and 50% cheaper in Charlotte than Ohio.

5. No matter how much I love my “Crocs” you won’t catch me in a pair of Tar Heel Blue ones (see picture). Even I will admit that some things don’t look good in Carolina Blue.

6. Greeting time at a Southern Baptist Church goes on forever. The Pastor encouraged those in the congregation to “hug on someones neck”. I am not sure what that looks like, but I loved the genuine greetings and community that was displayed.

7. Our date with a boat on Lake Norman didn’t happen due to a thunderstorm. Maybe next time.

8. There was a billboard that said “Got Spiders”? I have heard they have HUGE bugs there. My friend there also told a story of finding a 4 foot black snake in his backyard….

9. Celebrating the UNC baseball win on Saturday night was awesome. Mourning the UNC loss on Sunday night….not so much.

One thought on “Charlotte Reflections

  1. OH yeah…Carolina bbq is awesome. I was disgusted by the cole-slaw the first time and now I LOVE it! Had a client in a small town called Shelby, outside of Charlotte and they had a great little shack that drew people from everywhere! City BBQ is the closest thing around here to it! Glad you had a great time down there. It’s does seem like a great city! Still there in your mind only or did it renew the thoughts of moving? (You know everyone’s wondering, so I just had to ask!)

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