It’s that time again! Due to the popularity of a post earlier this week called “True” which featured some classic 80’s music, guess what this weeks Four For Friday is? You got it. Here are four random as usual tunes for this week. Big shout out to Mudpuppy,  JK and Rindy for their confessions of 80’s music lyric memorization syndrome too!

1.We are the World” by USA for Africa – Heather asked this the other day and I had to admit to it. Did anyone else do “Hands Across America“? C’ can admit it. I did! I stood by the Burger King in Bedford Heights, Ohio with my prom date (it was prom weekend). Lovely….

2. “Mr. Telephone Man” by New Edition – I was quite possibly the biggest New Edition fan in Bedford! They were my first concert without my parents. It was New Edition, UTFO (Roxanne, Roxanne…yikes) and the Jessie Johnson Review! How’s that for a show? I still buy New Edition CD’s when they drop.

3. “Don’t Change” by INXS – Loved this song! We were in Downtown Cincinnati last summer and some cover band did this song during a street fair. I busted out in a concert all my own. Heather and the kids just walked away. “Don’t change for you…don’t change a thing…for me”

4. “If You Leave” by O.M.D – This is in my ALL TIME five favorite songs. I have no idea why. It always reminds me of the movie “Pretty in Pink”. That was the first date I ever went on without my parents (they dropped us off). I am convinced this world needs more O.M.D!

How about you? Let’s have them. It was the 80’s. The hair was big (even mine), the pants were parachute, MTV showed music videos and the tunes were everlasting. Give me your Four!