I can’t believe it has been two years since roughly 30 other men and I went through the book “Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge. Something special happened over the course of the 8 weeks within this group. Although we have all continued on our own journeys, I think what happened in “Wild at Heart” has stayed in “Wild at Heart”. It was something I will never forget.

One of the men that joined us for the 8 weeks is a man named Ken Neff. While I did not know Ken before WAH started, I had the honor of getting to know him throughout the 8 weeks. Ken and a few of the other men in the group took our charge to create a “band of brothers” seriously and continued to meet long after WAH ended. My family and I had the honor of joining Ken and his family on the 4th of July for an evening of food, freinds, fellowship and fireworks!

I write this post to highlight a new venture for Ken. He has released a book called “Thoughts on Becoming a Journeyman“. I had the opportunity to preview it while at his home. I also just ordered my own copy today. I’ll have a review once I get a chance to read through it, but I can tell you that Ken is a man after Gods own heart. He has an incredible family and has been a blessing in my life. Take a minute and visit Ken at KenNeff.com.

Before I even read through it, I know I can say “thanks Ken”!