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Okay so I posted this last night, only to pull it back. One thing I forgot is that it would still hit the RSS Readers and Email Subscription friends out there. I have received a few emails asking where it was. Since I so kindly asked you to comment and then didn’t leave a place…for you to comment, here it is. Thanks to those that have responded “off-line”. I am interested in the thoughts of everyone else too.

I have officially reached a cross road with my blog. Since I cannot seem to figure out which way to go, I thought I would leave it in your hands. After all, you are the people that read this thing each day. If you would be so kind, would you mind responding with a comment to the questions below? I’m not fishing for comments here. I really would like to know your thoughts. It will determine the future of what my blog(s) will look like. Thanks in advance for your help.

This is the chance for those of you that never comment to be heard! Don’t be shy!!!

Q: Should I attempt to run 2 blogs (sports themed and this one) or just combine them all here?

Q: Would you still read a blog that had 2 or 3 posts a day if the categories were of a wider variety?

If it makes any difference, my preference would be to keep it all in one place. That would mean more posts per day and a much wider variety though. Since you’re the reader, I leave the decision in your hands (no pressure there).

Thanks again!!

5 Replies to “Readers Choice”

  1. Aaron

    Thanks Scott! Good to hear from you. Appreciate the feedback. I know you’re one that would like the sports related stuff. Well…all except for the Carolina thing….but I understand that not everyone loves the Heels (although you really should).

    I have not closed the voting, but thanks to those that sent their feedback (mostly off-line), I have made the decision to just do some weekly “wrap up” posts for sports, news items and whatever else crosses my mind. No need to add an additional feed. I’ll keep it all together right here. Thanks again for letting your voice be heard. We now return to our regularly scheduled blog reading….

  2. Dave

    I like the post that tie faith and sports together like the recent Josh Hamilton post.

    In general, I could do with less sports. Just my $.02.

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