1. Over the weekend our garage door started acting up (among other things, it came off of the chain). When we got home, I just opened it “the old fashion way”. My son said “how did you open that door”? I told him “I have super human strength”. After a short pause he said, “no seriously….how did you open that door”?

2. From the “Too Much Information Department”…I had a test this morning on my gall bladder. It involved giving some sort of nuclear medicine injected into my veins and then watching it under an imaging machine. When it was all over they gave me a card in case I set off any alarms (ie airport security). Good thing I am….

3. DRIVING to Chicago tomorrow for a presentation at Arlington Park. There’s something great about time alone (6 hours) at the wheel on the open road. Perfect timing too.

4. I’m stopping off in Indianapolis on the way back to help out at our parking lot party for the Stanley Racing guys. I know Sadler is confirmed, but I’m hoping Kasey Kahne makes an appearance too. If not, we’ll see him on Sunday when we go back for the Allstate 400.

5. Hopefully there won’t be any nuclear detectors to get into the Brickyard on Sunday. I guess it’s okay if there are. After all….I have my card….