In case you haven’t noticed I have been doing some housekeeping around this blog. I’m not quite done yet so you might see an occasional broken link or template change here or there until it’s all done. While doing some updating last night to the blogroll, I was reminded of what a blessing the blog community has been to me. If I never would have started a blog, I never would have met many of the incredible people across the United States World that I have.

I thought I might take some web space occasionally to introduce some of the people I link to. Hopefully it will not only be an introduction to the people, but to their ministry and their hearts. Let’s get this started with Alastair Vance at Live to Worship. I’m not sure how Alastair and I connected recently, but I look forward to meeting him in person one day. He is a worship leader at New Horizon Church in Durham, North Carolina. Since Charlotte is about 2-3 hours from Durham, I don’t think we can attend NHC, but I’m sure we will visit a time or two.

If you want a blessing today, check out Alastair Vance’s Youtube Page. His acoustic version of “God With Us” by MercyMe is awesome. I chose just one of the many videos on his site. He is blessed with the kind of voice I hope to have when we get those heavenly bodies. 🙂 Until then I will keep “making a joyful NOISE” and appreciate those that can sing like Alastair. Check it out for yourself. Thanks Alastair for using the gifts that God has given you to be a blessing to His Kingdom (and a fellow blogger).