Parking Lot Party

Heather, Austin and I are headed to our first NASCAR event on Sunday. I had the privileged of hanging out with Elliot Sadler before the Parking Lot Party yesterday. I’m waiting on my back to heal up after that name I just dropped (ha-ha). If you’re wondering what a parking lot party is, just think of the “Rust-Eze” tent in the movie “Cars”. The Executive Leadership Team had the honor of spending about 30 minutes with Elliot before he went out to meet the 2000 fans waiting in the parking lot.  Check back next week for a recap of our first race experience. I hope to do some live mobile blogging since I’m not sure what else you do at a race while cars go round and round for hours. I’m sure we’re going to love the experience so I’ll do my best to recap while it’s going. The race is being covered on ESPN starting at 1:00. Check back here sometime on Sunday for some updates and pictures!

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