While it’s nothing compared to that of Cal Ripken’s incredible streak, I am sad to say that a personal streak of mine is officially coming to an end on Monday. After successfully avoiding anesthesia, blunt instruments and surgery of any shape or form for 30 something years, it is time. To be honest, I am thinking about putting an asterisk next to this one since it is more or less considered a “procedure”, but I’m going “under the knife” none-the-less. I’ve never even had my tonsils or wisdom teeth out. It was quite a ride.

On Monday I will have the pleasure of having my Gall Bladder removed. I have been informed “that it’s just not working right at all”. Good times. Fortunate for me, this is one of those organs that you’re body can do without (which totally weirds me out). Many, many people have had this “procedure” so it’s no big deal. Actually, it recently took longer for the guy to repair our garage door then this thing will take. I have joked that the garage door guy was actually cheaper…maybe I should have him remove it.

So my streak is soon to be over. I’d like to thank all those that made it possible. I’d like to thank my Mom and Dad for giving me great genes! I’d like to thank our Creator for wiring me in such a way that I could avoid using the insurance card to this point. I guess it’s time to start another streak….on Tuesday.