Next Time We Meet….

It’s T-Minus 14 hours until “The Streak” official ends. The next time we meet, I will be less one gall bladder and, from what I hear, pretty sore in the abdomen for a few days. There’s no rest for the weary as I have pending meetings in Indianapolis Wednesday and Thursday. I’m hoping this is more of a “drive-thru” variety surgery. Just for kicks I might try to twitter a few updates in the morning (“They are rolling me down the hall” or “I’m going under now”…)

In my absence, feel free to check out the sidebar for some recent updates. I’ve linked to some photo albums including all of my mobile phone pictures from work related trips. There are also a few days left to sign up for the “Refuse to Lose Invitational“. Lastly you can help me win my quest for the “S.L.O.B. of the Month“. I leave you with one of my all-time favorite YouTube videos. Since I won’t be hugging anyone for a few days at least, I’ll live through this video. Talk to you all soon!

3 thoughts on “Next Time We Meet….

  1. I know a good doctor that would have done it for free if you could have made a 5 hr trip!! He can have it done in 20 minutes and get you back to Ohio. I’ve been putting off having my gall bladder removed for over a year now. I don’t know how much more I can go. I just eat then roll in the floor in pain. Right now my plan is to eat Cheerios for breakfast, lunch, then go for the gusto for supper. “I got that going for me.”

    Good luck man!!

  2. Mary –

    I totally should have had Eric do this! With the cost of gas though, it might have actually been MORE expensive to make the trip to Kentucky. I know I would have been in good hands though. I hate to hear that you’re having trouble with yours too. Get r’ dun Mary! You know a great surgeon 🙂

    Mine is actually a “preemptive strike” before heading south to Charlotte. Since they seem to fry everything they eat down there, something tells me that just won’t agree with a cranky gall bladder. Fried pickles here I come!

    Still can’t pay me enough to drink sweet tea though….

  3. No southern cooking does not go well for the gall bladder. You will like sweet tea or they will make fun of you!! You should have seen the looks I got in Ohio when I first ordered sweet tea. “Theres is sweet-n-low on the table.” Do what?!!! Yes, I know I need it done but now that we pay for our insurance everything is out of pocket. You know we have to pay for malpractice insurance and lawyers first, then my gall bladder.

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