In The 70's!!!!

I just checked the weather for the next 4 days and the forecast calls for temps in the 70’s! In honor of global warming, Al Gore and inconvenient truths, I thought we would celebrate the break in temps with a little 70’s music. Enjoy the weather, the song and this hilarious video.

2 thoughts on “In The 70's!!!!

  1. Here’s my 70’s story featuring… Copacabana.

    It was the fall of ’78, and I was a freshman at Ohio University in Athens. My roommate was one Jeff “Hollywood” Harper, and Jeff had most of the stuff that college freshmen had those days including a stereo system with an 8-track tape player.

    Well, I had been “Uptown” earlier in the evening and probably had a bit too much to drink and went home to hit the sack. Jeff must have come in later and turned on his stereo at low volume, loaded up with… a Barry Manilow tape.

    I must have woken up about 5 times through the night, but each time it was when “Copacabana” was playing.

    I’m scarred for life, I tell you!

    I might have done something with that tape, but I can’t recall…

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