I’m probably aging myself a bit here, but way back in the day Amy Grant had a song that came to mind today. Maybe it is because if I had to give an assessment of where I am right now, it best describes the location, the feeling and the situation. Quite simply, I am at the intersection of “The Now and the Not Yet”. I’m interested to see if I am the only one that is standing at that intersection, or if we should build one of those “roundabouts” that have become so popular in the town I currently reside in. I could be wrong, but I have a feeling that we’re all living in a moment and searching for a time that is yet to come. Is it just me?

But Im caught in between
The now and the not yet;
Sometimes it seems like
Forever and ever,
That Ive been reaching to be
All that I am,
But Im only a few steps nearer,
Yet Im nearer…. (Amy Grant)

I have talked to so many people the past few weeks that are on a Journey. Some are selling a home with the intention of moving to a new place. Some are simply being obedient to a call they feel on their lives. Yet we wait. It has often been said that God answers prayer in three ways; “Yes”, “No” and “Wait”. It’s the third one that is the hardest to understand because it is not definitive. It is the third response that leaves us standing at the intersection of “The Now and The Not Yet”. It’s the place where we must discern our every response, activity and commitment since we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

To quote Amy Grant again…”I’m only a few steps nearer, yet I’m nearer”. I’m nearer to the not yet, but living in the now….