Update: If you came looking for the song “Healer” by Hillsong it has been pulled from YouTube. If you’re wondering why it has been pulled from YouTube, that story is (HERE). What an absolutely sad and disappointing report today. Let’s pray for Mike Guglielmucci. We’re all guilty of making the wrong choices at times in our life. Clearly Mike has made a very bad choice in this case too. I pray Gods mercy and the mercy of those that will be critical of his decision.

Don’t let this story deter you from purchasing the Hillsong “This is Our God” CD. It is one of my favorite this year and “Healer” continues to be a song of encouragemnt and strength to those that have heard it.

I’m still getting my “travel on” this week. Off to Chicago in the morning (you can still follow the mobile randomness on Twitter). In my absence, I thought I would get something that is LONG overdue to the web. This falls under the “in case you missed it” category because it has been all over the blog world. In the off-chance you have not seen it yet, don’t miss this today. This is an incredible song called “Healer” by the amazing Hillsong. First, check out the story behind the song.

Now for the song:

Take a few minutes to visit healer.integritymusic.com. It is a site that Hillsong has set up to accept and share requests and praises. What an absolutely powerful song and ministry. Take a few minutes and let the words and the story sink in. It will change your day, your week and possibly even your approach to your journey.