As promised, I got my picture of the flag pole in Center Field at Minute Maid Park. What a GREAT ball park that is. Good pitching matchup game too (Oswalt vs. Lincecum). For those that missed my twittering throughout the day, below are some of the random posts as I traveled:

Decided to drive my Grand Prix to the airport this AM. Still my favorite car.

Miss Teen Ohio is on my flight to Charlotte. The only reason I know is she is wearing the sash around her neck that says “Miss Teen Ohio”

Music to my ears..”Welcome to Charlotte” -I’m Re-Reading

Just enough time in Charlotte to stop at “Lids” for a buy one get one half sale.

Good deal. Just picked up a new Tar Heel Lid and a Carolina Panthers one too. Dangerous!!!

Guy next to me is twittering too. Wonder if I should ask to “follow” him?

Guy next to me switched from twittering to reading an Ortberg book. Man I wish I was a talker on planes.

While waiting for rental bus a guy asked me about my new Carolina Panthers hat. Thought I was a huge fan. LOL! – Made it to Houston. – Roofs closed. Raining outside – Almost game time. Deepintheheartah – Game time. Great Ballpark! – The Center Field Pole – Cool Bagwell Tribute

I’ll have more pictures once I get them uploaded.