I gotta post this. Last night I watched the mens 100m race and got a bit put off by the display during and after the race. If you watched it you probably know what I mean. I’ve tried to give the benefit of the doubt for this being an incredible moment in ones athletic career, but in my opinion it was a classless display of ego. The funniest part to me is that Usain “Lightning” Bolt could have made the world record time he recorded even better if he just would have finished strong. He chose to showboat and pump his chest.

I get the excitement. I understand the crowning achievement, but 15 minutes earlier we watched a humble Michael Phelps win his record 8th Olympic gold and there was no showboating. There was no running around the pool and self promotion. Phelps went so far as to differ the credit to the other 3 guys on his relay team (as well he should).

My frustration went beyond Usain Bolt, the guy that came in second and won the silver was almost WORSE in his celebration. Rolling around, hitting his chest, acting like he won Gold. I couldn’t help but think…”Dude, you came in 2nd“. At least the 3rd place runner from the US held his celebration in check. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with celebration. My problem is when it turns into self promotion and shows up the other athletes that worked so hard to get there.

He should have just finished strong.

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