Going Mobile Again!

Just a heads up that I am going mobile Sunday/Monday again. I’m off to Norfolk, Virginia this time for a presentation and game at the Harbor Park. For those interested, I’ll be “Twittering” and Moble blogging along the way. I’ve also done some work around the blog to keep up with the latest web tools. As you probably noted I now have the 6 latest Twitter Updates showing in the sidebar to the right under “Quick Posts”. I also plan to utilize my “Right Brain” blog auncfan.com. This will allow for Mobile photo posting among other things.

In terms of travel, this trip wraps up the month of August (thankfully). September features presentations and games at Jacobs Field Progressive Field and Coors Field in Denver, Colorado. The Denver trip includes on field batting practice! I’m hoping the mile high air helps me at least hit one out of the infield. When I told my good friend Brian that he said “probably not“. As always, I’ll upload photos from the trip (HERE)

I’ll be back later in the week with stories and lessons from the road. Thanks for following and sharing the journey!

2 thoughts on “Going Mobile Again!

  1. Eric thought it was cool for you to get to take batting practice at Coors Field. On the hope of you hitting on out, he wanted to remind you that the fence is farther back at Coors Field.

  2. It should be fun Mary. Eric, however, would have a much better chance to clear the fence than I. I’m actually hoping to make it out of the dugout without hurting myself. I might just work on my drag bunting skills 🙂

    Good luck on Tuesday. We’ll be praying for you. Let us know how it goes!!

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