I’m sure you have heard it too, but there is a quote which says that “there are no atheists in foxholes“. Tonight I was returning from my trip to Norfolk and had the absolute blessing of the view that you see in the picture above. I wonder if you could say that there are “no atheists in airplanes”. That is probably a stretch, but it was my thought at the time. As Rob Bell said in “Velvet Elvis”,

“Something holds all of this together”

While this picture will never give the moment justice, I can’t express the beauty in it all. To feel the warmth of the setting sun on my face as I looked out that tiny window into a field of clouds was stunning. I couldn’t help but think of Isaiah’s Commision in Isaiah 6:1-8. I probably should have taken my shoes off too.

I was reminded that our journey is so much like this picture. There are times when the sun shines and things are right, safe, comfortable. Yet not long after this picture, we entered one of those clouds and it got a bit rough. You couldn’t see the destination. You felt the weight of the moment and the storm of the cloud. Yet we continued on knowing we would soon break from it. We broke through the clouds and the view was once again clear and our mission was ahead. The destination still unchanged.

I know they say there’s not atheists in foxholes. I wonder if there are atheists on airplanes….