Just when I needed some inspiration for “Four (by) For Friday” this week, I heard the roar of the exhaust and my cell phone text message read “Knock, Knock”. Then what to my wondering eyes should appear but my man “D-Rich” in a new truck in my driveway! In order to get his new toy he had to unload his motorcycle, his Jaguar and his old truck. This weeks randomness that is “Four For Friday” is dedicated to D-Rich, his new set of wheels and the memory of his old modes of transportation. He’s that much closer to being a NASCAR fan now. I’m thinking the number 9 of Kasey Kahne would look real nice in that back window. Maybe a Sadler flag on the side windows?

1. “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen

2. “Drive” by Alan Jackson

3. “Mud On The Tires” by Brad Paisley

4. “Pick up Man” by Joe Diffie

Congrats buddy. If it wasn’t so dry in this town we could take it out this weekend and get some mud on them tires! If you steal my Tar Heel Flag (which he has threatened to do), I’m gonna sneak over one night and slap an Elliot Sadler/Kasey Kahne Stanley Racing sticker on that bumper!