Something Even BIGGER

Well friends, we’re back from a whirlwind 72 hour tour of Charlotte, North Carolina. Some of you may be looking at that picture and saying…”that looks like Columbus, Ohio”. If you did, you’re right. It is. On the heels of the big announcement from Friday, I have an even more wild and crazy one.

The Conrad Family is STAYING in Columbus, Ohio!

The details will be coming in future posts, but to give you an idea of what the next week to two weeks holds. I’m off to Denver Colorado on Tuesday and Wednesday. I’m in Indianapolis on Thursday. We’re still scheduled to close on our house on the 19th. You read that correctly. As of the writing of this post, we are bound by our contract and due to sell our existing home. We could use a miracle on that minor detail.

If no miracles happen, we’re combing Hilliard for available homes which we can relocate to. Again, the details are crazy right now, but this is our “home” and we believe God wants us here. Even after the sale of our home and the prospect of being “homeless” in 2 short weeks.

I told you to buckle up. Much, much, much more to come!

“Crazy” by MercyMe

8 thoughts on “Something Even BIGGER

  1. Wow. I feel so much better about my own housing predicament now… thanks! 🙂 So glad I’m not the only one out here trying to figure out exactly where I belong.
    You all will definitely be on my heart as I find my own way on this journey of mine!

  2. Jessica –

    Thanks so much. My only recommendation at this point is to be obedient. No matter how crazy it looks, no matter what anyone might think. As the great MercyMe song says –

    “I have not been called to the wisdom of this world, but to a God that’s calling out to me. Even though the world may think I’m losing touch with reality, it would be crazy to choose this world over eternity.”

    Those words are for me as well. Over the past 72 hours I have thought I might be losing touch more then once. But I am doing my best to follow what God HAS revealed and not try to force things He has not. Keep me posted on your journey as well!

    Keep chasing daylight Jess!

  3. Just unreal. Thank you for showing us the model of obedience. It’s kinda nuts, you guys will probably go crazy over the next month or so, but obedience first.

    Let us know if there is anything we can do for you!!

  4. Mike – Thanks! We’re looking at all developments and actually found out this morning that our little people can stay plugged in to their current school which is one answer to prayer.

    Mud Puppy – If you think it’s wild here, you should see the way my world runs off-line! LOL

    Stef – I’m not sure about the “model of obedience”. We’re for sure the model of “wait 5 minutes”, and one day I pray I stand before God and account that I was obedient. Like the kite in a hurricane, we’re just going where He leads us.

    Good times!

  5. I got the news while waiting for the eye doctor. Then read this out of my new read “Save Me From Myself” by Brian “Head” Welch the former lead guitarist of Korn. He was discussing walking “a real Christian life… a real walk of faith.” “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.” (Galatians 2:20) “When you decide to trust in God that way, you don’t care of yourself anymore -God takes care of you. It isn’t easy at first though; it goes against every logical thing we’ve ever been taught our whole lives…” I’m sure things are crazy right now, but your faith and such obedience to our Lord will carry you. I’ve done the 2 wk move (from Columbus). Everyone was “do what?” but we knew it was God’s plan and desire. You and your family only answer to HIm and what an example you are setting for your kids. Wish I was there to physically help you but please know I’m spiritually helping you from afar.

  6. Mary – Thanks for the words from that book. I need to add that to my reading wish list. I know you can speak from experience on chasing daylight and being spirit led. Your move has crossed my mind often and I am inspired by how God gave you the desires of your heart. This story is unfolding almost minute by minute but that is good. Lord knows I have a short attention span!

    Thanks again for always encouraging. No worries on helping with the move. We’ll send you our new address whenever we know what it is!

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