Why We're Staying

Rather than fumble over words I can’t begin to explain, I’ll let someone much more qualified explain why we are not going to Charlotte. I have a peace this morning (even in the midst of the pending craziness) that I have not had in a long, long time. Amen?

8 thoughts on “Why We're Staying

  1. Ok, so I will break the tension here. It saddens me that things in your journey to Charlotte did not work out. On the other side, I am glad that your family realized that Charlotte isn’t your destination on your journey before you got there and settled in. I am also glad that we can eat actual General Tso’s together and not virtual General Tso’s. And for selfish reasons I am glad you are staying the in Columbus area for a little while longer. The next two weeks will be hectic so please use my services in anyway at all. God bless you and your family on this roller coaster of a journey you are on.

  2. Hey Aaron, Brian is right. Best finding out now than making the move and then finding out it’s not right.

  3. Brain – Thanks brother. I will admit to great excitement in knowing there will be many more conversations over lunches all over Columbus. It has been awesome to see the growth in you and your family over the past few years. To know that our families will grow a little older together is even better. Your friendship and support on the journey cannot be expressed in words. Thank you for your offer and in the great words of Daughtry…”be careful what you wish for”. I’m telling you now that my office furniture is BRUTALLY heavy. Thanks my friend!

    Alastair – While I am sorry we won’t be neighbors within the state, you are spot on. I stood looking at a beautiful home on Lake Norman Saturday and could not get away from the check in my spirit that asked if it was the right move or not. At the end of the day, I could not justify that check in my spirit. Couldn’t even force it. Neither could my wife. We’ll connect sometime when we make a road trip to see my Tar Heels. Deal?

    “Greater things are still to come and greater things are still to be done in THIS CITY”.

    Thank you both!!

  4. Wow. I am dizzy just reading about all you have gone through the past few months! I’m glad you have found peace and I pray that you find a new home right away! Make sure you let us know when you do make it to the ever beautiful Chapel Hill!

  5. Emily – Thanks!! I am determined to get to Chapel Hill at least once in the coming year. I don’t know if I am more excited about the Tar Heels or finally getting to meet the Page family! While it has been a bit crazy, there is something wildly exciting about being on the edge of our seat for the journey and not just watching it roll by. Remind me I said that over the next 2 weeks when I am going insane!!

    We’re going to take you up on that offer! No doubt about it.

    GO HEELS!!

  6. Now my emotions are really running high…. DOES THIS MEAN NO TICKETS??????? CRAP! You are much more valuable to me in Charlotte! Cause after all, it is all about me!

    Glad to hear you are sticking around!!!!!!!!!!

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