When Love Takes You In

Many of the readers of this blog have gone through the adoption process. For those that have, I would like to introduce you to my friend and blogging band of brother Mud Puppy. While he didn’t ask for this and doesn’t know I’m going to do it, it was on my heart this afternoon. You can read the details and follow the journey of his family on his Blog, but they are beginning the steps toward adoption. To those that have walked where he and his wife are about to walk, would you reach out to them? To those that have never adopted, would you  join me in praying for this family? I honor their courage and am challenged by their willingness to do something for another life. One day the streets of Heaven will be lined with faces of those that love took in.

6 thoughts on “When Love Takes You In

  1. Thanks Aaron (again)!!

    I’ve never been more convinced about a path God wants me to go down. And I’m really excited that my wife is completely on board as well.

    It’s going to be an exciting trip!

    ps. So now that you’re “moving” to Ohio, we should definitely hook up for some Chipolte. 🙂

  2. Mud Puppy,
    Never met ya, don’t know ya….. but if you are a friend of Aaron’s then you are a friend of mine…. And if you are adopting you are starting on a journey that is near and dear to my heart!!!! God has blessed my family with three adopted children.
    If you ever want to talk to someone that has gone thru the process that to be honest, can be VERY hard, let me know.
    Now, all this is out the window if you are one of those Tarheel fans like Aaron…. Just joking, it is my duty to say these kinds of things to Aaron.

  3. Mud Puppy and Jeff – You were exactly who I thought of when I was putting this together. Jeff and his wonderful wife Lori have an incredible testimony. I can get you guys the appropriate emails so you can exchange info.

    Jeff – we really need to get your story to the blog one day to bless others. what do you think?

    Go Heels!

  4. That would be very cool and actually a HUGE thing happened just this week as a result of our journey. We should do lunch, you gatta here this!

  5. What a beautiful song Aaron; one I have never heard before. May Mud Puppy and his family be blessed in ever way, for their gift of love to the child God places in their home!

    I hope all is well for you<


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