Never Forget

I’m still doing the “road warrior” thing today with a quick trip over to Indianapolis. I had to share one quick story from my trip to Denver. I was walking through the airport in Columbus I saw a family (older Mom and Dad, young wife, husband and baby) taking pictures together. As I approached, they asked if I could take a picture for them. The mom proudly said “He’s going back to Iraq today….2nd tour of duty”.

Talk about a reality check. Here was this young man, with a wife and child and he was leaving for the second time. When they thanked me for taking the picture, I simply said “no, thank YOU for your service to our country.” I think I walked away from that moment with a lot to think about and even more the be thankful for.

For all of those that lost their lives on September 11th and have sacrificed while defending our freedom since. For all of those that continue to fight for our freedom today, we will never forget…..


4 thoughts on “Never Forget

  1. Oh geezzz, my heart just melted… service to our country… there is no higher honor. My grandfather was in the Air Force in WWII – I have so much respect for these people. Neat you do too.


  2. Brian – It blows my mind how God has allowed my path to cross people and when it has happened. It has been a story in itself!

    Roxanne – I have linked you too. Thank you for linking me and for stopping by the blog. I appreciate your grandfathers service to our country. It is because of the men and women that serve that we have the freedom to do things like Blog. Thanks again!

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