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Strong Enough To Bend

Back in the day Tanya Tucker had a song called “Strong Enough To Bend”. There are many thoughts and analogies from the remnants of Hurricane Ike that visited Columbus, Ohio over the weekend. Now that I have power back in our home, I can finally get a few of them to the web. I thought of that song this morning as I looked out my window and drove through town to see the numerous trees that had split, broken, been uprooted and those that stood strong.

What intrigued me the most is that some of the strongest trees cracked and broke in the storm. Out my window I can see a very small tree which was just planted last summer which withstood the wind and storm. I am amazed at how trees with roots so deep can fall while trees that were strong enough to bend could withstand the storm and stand tall today.

I was reminded this morning that often our faith can be like these trees. I know there are times when I think “I know it all” and my roots are strong enough to handle any storm. Then the wind comes and I crack. The storm hits and my faith isn’t strong enough to bend. We see new believers in their faith take on the largest storms and wind and stand firm on simple child like faith. I wonder if I don’t over think God sometimes. I wonder if I don’t expect too much, want too much, demand so much that my faith becomes rigid in the storm.

Lord grant me the flexibilty to be strong enough to bend when the storms come. Grant me the wisdom to understand the winds will come and my strongest act of obedience is to be flexible as your plan unfolds.


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  • MichaelConners · September 16, 2008

    I’ll give an example of cracking and bending as it relates to our faith.

    It’s the age-old differences between essential and non-essential doctrine.

    One example of non-essential is the style of worship. Today’s “traditional” was yesteryear’s “contemporary”. Either way, Scripture doesn’t provide details as to time signatures, chord progressions or instrumentation. It is supposed to be about Him, not us.

    One example of essential doctrine would be holding true to God’s Word, the Bible. Plenty of details on that. We’re to love it, contemplate on it, teach it to our children, richly dwell within us.

    Glad to hear that Aaron got his town back, his house back and his power back. Sounds like a country music song played backwards…

  • Aaron · September 16, 2008

    Thanks Mike. Excellent example of cracking and breaking. We need to hold the “non-negotiables” tight while having the flexibility to relate to a world that needs Jesus. The Apostle Paul was great at that.

    “Strong Enough To Bend” was indeed a country music song ;)

  • Jessica · September 17, 2008

    I remember that song… what was it, like 1990???
    Great tie-in though and what a great reminder for someone like me who is so determined to ‘bear up’ against life’s pressures that I so often forget to bend.

  • Brian · September 17, 2008

    Reading Mike’s response I would of put money he listened to the sermon on Sunday at Journey Church. (I was there, he wasn’t so I would of lost) He just summed it up in 2 sentences.

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