Many of you commented off-line regarding my post “What’s Your Isaac”. For that I thank you. This post is somewhat born out of that post as well. One of the things I will always remember about our Charlotte oddessy is what we learned about our friends. People said heartfelt things to Heather and I that we will forever cherish. They expressed sadness is our leaving, but sincerely wished us the best. They prayed for and with us. They offered their homes when it looked like we might be in need of temporary housing. As Tobymac sings:

“Cause real friends are willing to intrude”

As to not embarass you all here, I won’t mention names. Hopefully you know who you are. What I will say is that I thought of each of you as I re-read 1 Samuel 20:17. One of my biblical heroes, David, had a friend like that. His name was Jonathan and he cared deeply for David. He fought for David. He protected David. They had a friendship and a bond that was as strong as they come. Today we would say that Jonathan “had David’s back”. David did the same. They were friends. They were brothers.

Sadly, I have been to many funerals in my life. One thing that always puzzles me is that we wait until someone passes to say wonderful things about them. We all wish we would have had that chance to tell them how we felt. I would argue that we do have that chance. Each day we have the opportunity to let a friend know that they hold a place in our lives. Their friendship is special and it’s good to know that they “have our back”. I hope each of you have a Jonathan (several really). I ask you today, who’s your Jonathan?

Maybe now would be a good time to let them know….