The Glossary

I’ve been meaning to get to this for awhile. For anyone that might visit the house sometime, you will probably hear some words that either make no sense or don’t seem to be english. We have adapted certain words based on what our children have said for various items and events around the house. If you’ve got some, I’d love to hear them. Below are just a few of ours….

1. Kamote (kah-moat) = The Remote Control

2. Colorants (color-ands) = Crayons

3. Teeth and Hair = Morning routine reminder for prior to school

4. Poohshnikities (Pooh-Shnick-ities) = My son’s Winne the pooh sandals

5. Joey’s = My son’s sandals that were like his friend Joey’s

6. “She’s a Quart Low” = What we call my Grand Prix. Based on it’s constant oil leak.

7. Jesus Time = Heather’s devotional time with the kids before school

8. Soft Blue Blankie = Brynn’s security blanket

9. Chickperle (Chick-Per-Lay) = Chick-Fil-A

7 Replies to “The Glossary”

  1. Ernie

    one of our favorites is “jumpoline” for trampoline. We got sick of using the word potty, so we talk about “widdling” I’ll keep thinking….

  2. Jeff Korbini

    Here are a few from our house…

    1) Go Duke means Go Duke
    2) Tarheels stink means Tarheels stink
    3) Roy Williams means way over rated coach.
    4) Coach K means coach that has dominted UNC over the past 20 years!!!!!!!!!
    5) Chair O Key Parks means coolest looking player ever to beat UNC!!!!!

  3. Erik Lane

    One of the funnier ones for us comes from our 4 year old…

    Boggan == Toboggan (in the south a toboggan is also a your beanie, stocking cap, etc)

    Why boggan? Because, according to her, toboggan mean TWO boggans and so one is just “boggan”.

    Good times!

  4. Aaron

    Ern – We could probably create an entire list of alternative “potty” terms. I do like “widdling” though. Hilarious.

    JK – Honest to goodness truth, I missed one. Whenever someone from Dook shows up on the TV (Coach K, Boozer, JJ) Austin and I both say “Ewwww”. Usually Austin beats me to it. Good times.

    Erik – That is so funny. I call it a Toboggan around here and people think I am referring to a sled. At least I know I am not alone! You’re gonna need those Boggans now that you’re in Denver!

  5. Aaron

    Absolutely! That is the “Bunny Park” in our house. I have another friend that calls it something else which isn’t politically correct 🙂 Thanks for dropping in. We’re praying for your family my friend.

  6. Michael Crace

    Actually it stands for Fort Rapids- what is the bunny park?

    Thanks for your prayers- please pray for my Dad at night that he will have a peaceful and relaxing sleep. He has been up a lot at night which has been hard on my Mom.

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