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Before I get hate mail, let me just say that it’s just a picture. A very funny picture at that. I refuse to use my blog as a soap box with anything related to politics. My opinions, preference and choice for President is a very private matter (and one I don’t take lightly). That being said…the picture is still funny.

Leave your caption as a comment….


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  • Jo Beth Simons · September 28, 2008

    “My opponent is so stupid he can’t even use the computer. Hello? Did you hear me? I said, ‘My opponent is so…’ Hello? Hello?

  • jessica · September 28, 2008

    “I just don’t understand why it is that people think that I am not capable or ‘up to the job’… I mean, I’m much younger and more aware of what’s going on… Don’t you think so?” “Hello?”… “Huh. Must’ve lost the connection…”

  • Brian · September 29, 2008

    Can you hear me now?

  • MichaelConners · September 29, 2008

    “Why does this phone smell like ear wax?”

  • Jeff Korbini · October 1, 2008

    GO DUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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