If you’ve been following, you probably noted that I was fortunate enough to get an iPod Touch last week for free. Due to my employer changing our Corporate Credit Card procedure for next year, we had to use up our points or lose them. I chose the iPod and was beyond excited when it arrived last week. I practically attacked the DHL guy when he finally showed up with it. I even ran out and got a special case as to take the best possible care of said gift. It cost me nothing which makes it even more valuable to me.

Today it hit me…

Several years ago I received the gift of salvation. It was purchased with a price for which I did not pay. I had to wonder today if I was as excited that day or even all these years later, about that gift. Have I cared enough to protect that gift? Do I cherish the gift of my eternal salvation as much as something that will one day break and fade away? Would I watch for the delivery man with the same excitement if the gift he was delivering wasn’t a new toy, but rather determined my eternity?

While I appreciate the iPod touch more than I can say, I’m not sure I’ll look at it the same knowing what it made me consider today….