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8 Days

We’re all on a journey. We’re all a “work in progress”. If someone were to ask me to give them two songs that define where I am on my journey and what God is doing in my life, I would give them “I Wonder What Life Would be Like” by Big Daddy Weave and “Give Me Your Eyes” by Brandon Heath. I am challenged in my journey to give more (on several levels) and to answer the question:

I wonder what life would be like if we let Jesus live through you and me….

We need to see people through his eyes. We need to approach situations as he would approach them. We need to pray as he prayed, live as he lived, love as he loved and lead as he led. That is why those two songs go hand in hand.

I have been thinking about it for awhile now, but next week I will begin a series of posts where I reflect on each of the beatitudes. You’re welcome to join me on that journey of reflecting on and hopefully applying one per day for 8 days. Maybe then we would know the answer to what life would be like if we let Jesus live through you and me.




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  • Adam · October 16, 2008

    I am not a Christian, but I believe strongly in certain Christian ideals and am often inspired by the embodiment of those ideas. Great song and thanks for sharing.

  • Aaron · October 16, 2008

    Adam – Thanks for dropping in man. Good to hear from you. I’m interested to speak to you more regarding the your ideals. Shoot me an email sometime ( and we can connect. I’m interested to hear your views.

    In addition, I would recommend two books I think you will really like.

    “Velvet Elvis” by Rob Bell
    “Blue Like Jazz” by Donald Miller.

    They are two of my favorites and favorite authors. They really dig into exactly what you have mentioned as well. Check them out if you get a chance. Blue Like Jazz will crack you up. Thanks again for dropping in and being real man.

  • Sue · October 20, 2008

    Aaron the ladies group at my church recently completed a series on the Beatitudes. It was amazing to see how in depth it was, considering so many people just view it as “oh those are the things we should do to be nice Christians”. It’s so much more than that!!

    I will be reading eagerly!

  • kat · October 21, 2008

    looking forward to the journey

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