Reading Wish List

It’s that time again. I am compiling my reading wish list and am pretty excited about what is available now. Thanks to my good friend Stef, I have already crossed The Winners Manual off the list. Not only did I get to cross it off the list, it came autographed by one Mr. Jim Tressel! Stef went the extra mile on that gift! Thank you brother.

Here are just a few of the books I hope to read over the next few months. You can find my entire list (HERE) How about you? Any recommendations from something you have read lately?

1. Faith and DoubtJohn Ortberg

2. The Air I BreatheLouie Giglio

3. FacedownMatt Redman

4. Wide AwakeErwin McManus

5. Simple ChurchThom S. Rainer

6. Vintage JesusMark Driscoll

7. Wild Goose ChaseMark Batterson

8. UnChristianDavid Kinnaman

9. Raising Dad Thom S. Rainer

10. Organic ChurchNeil Cole

3 thoughts on “Reading Wish List

  1. Hey Hoops,

    Wild Goose Chase is really, REALLY good. And I just started reading The Winner’s Manual over the weekend. Liking it so far. Thanks for sharing your list.

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