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Day Five – Merciful

Blessed are the Merciful, for they will be shown mercy – Matthew 5:7

A little different approach for Day Five. My study pointed out several very interesting points regarding mercy. There is the websters version which we are probably more suited to approach and think of as Mercy. However Jesus is calling us to something different.

1. The first four beatitudes were inwardly focused. The second four beatitudes are externally focused. Ideally the first four should lead to our behavior on the second four.

2. We understand mercy as a result of a warm and close relationship with God.

3. Mercy can best be understood and defined when we experience things together with the other person.

The final point is what leads me to today’s example of being merciful. I recently received a copy of Bebo Norman’s self titled CD (which is a great CD by the way) from the kind people at to review. The first time I heard the song “Britney” I had an instant respect for Bebo Norman. Here was a man that is in the machine that is the recording industry. While he may not sell the millions upon millions that Britney Spears does, he understands fame. For this man to reach out to Britney Spears as the rest of the world watched her fall apart was honorable. For this man to share the message of hope and Jesus Christ was merciful. He identified with point number three above.

While we can all cast judgment on Britney for her choices, lifestyle and fall, at the feet of the cross, we are all Britney Spears. She is our neighbor, our daughter, our sister, our brother, our friend. She is every one of us. To look past her life and see the person within is to understand what it means to be merciful. Below is Bebo Normans song. Take a few minutes today and think about who you may know that is “Britney Spears”. Think about who you can show the kind of mercy that Bebo showed in this song.


Coming Wednesday: Pure in Heart



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  • Roxanne Kristina · October 28, 2008

    I liked how you made pop culture the girl next door and tied it into your study of God’s love. His peace passes all understanding and His compassions never fail…


  • kat · October 29, 2008

    i’m blown away by your entry and this video today. what an incredible example to the entire WORLD, of Gods perfect unconditional love for us. of His mercy and His grace. and you’re absolutely right. that song encompasses every single ONE of us.

    a little less than a year ago, i sat in the company of a stranger in the church i *subscribed* to, yet was not a *part* of. every bit the poster child for the casting crowns song, “does anybody hear her”.

    broken. and every bit the prodigal.

    for the first time in so very long, this was my feeble attempt at reaching out. reeling from the aftermath of being raped, i didn’t recognize the woman i was, anymore.. my marriage was in disrepair and mired down in addiction and so much baggage from years of running away from God.

    i was struggling with where i was at in life and how desperately far away i felt from my heavenly Father.

    and i will never forget that precious face that looked beyond all the ugliness i felt inside, and instead, matched my tears with her own and with her love and acceptance and the promise of Gods unfailing grace and mercy and forgiveness, as she told me i was NEVER too far gone from God.

    she WAS Gods heart that day. and it was Gods arms that wrapped me in such a tremendous and healing hug.

    in much the same way, you’re being used by God in this outlet and forum as well. and i, for one, just need to thank you for the inspiration you give here.

  • Aaron · October 30, 2008

    Roxx – Thanks for the kind words. I find inspiration in the most unlikely of places sometimes. It is amazing how and where God can speak to me. Thanks for following along!

    Kat – Wow. Thank you so much for your openness and honesty in your comment. It absolutely made my day to read that. I would like to shake the hand of that person that reached out to you that day in church. I forgot to mention one thing about that song that really spoke to me. When Bebo said “we’re sorry”, I found it so interesting. I found it refreshing that a Christian would say they are sorry to someone in need.

    I cannot thank you enough for your kind words and being so open in your comment. God will use your past in a very mighty way. I can tell you from your comment, he already has! Thank you again.

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