ancorFor several days now I have tried to wrap my head and words around those times and questions that we have for a God that created this universe. I have wrestled with anger, frustration, sadness, pain and as odd as it sounds, hope. I end each thought process at a place where I find myself searching for an anchor and something we can grab hold of. I get so tangled up in trying to understand how a loving God allows the unthinkable to happen. Yet the very next breathe is thanking a loving God for conquering the grave and the hope of eternal life.

For days I have tried to put this all into some words of encouragement for anyone and everyone that is a part of the journey with our dear friend. While trying to do this for this blog and anyone that reads it, I guess I am looking for the answers myself too. Friends, I don’t have them. The only wisdom and encouragement that I can offer comes in two very simple things that I have learned in my 38 years.

1. God is God.

2. It’s never how we draw it up

Steven Curtis Chapman so perfectly captured the simplistic thought that says that “God is God and I am not”. Our finite minds wrestle with trying to understand an infinite God. Our understanding of today prevents us from seeing the entire picture. We are only getting a glimpse of a masterpiece that God is creating. How many of us can connect the dots of our past to see that a much larger story was taking place? God is God.

So often I think I’ve got a perfect plan as to how my life should go. In my mind, it seems to make perfect sense. Yet when I stop long enough to reflect on the past I see how my plan would have gone radically different. In almost each case, it would have been a mess. Gods grace, mercy and perfect plan have saved me from myself more times then I can count. His wisdom and knowledge are to be trusted. I say, with a thankful heart, that it is never how we draw it up.

So what is our anchor? What is our hope? What are the words that make situations and circumstances beyond our understanding seem to make sense? Friends, this side of heaven, I am not sure we have those answers. I know I don’t.  I know that God is God and I am not. I know that God is still on his throne. I know that the creator of this universe is in complete control. I know that his ways are perfect. I know that he has a plan far greater than my understanding. I know that he makes all things beautiful in his time. I know that he can restore what was once broken. I know that he can provide comfort to the hurting and peace in the storm.

Max Lucado once wrote that “God doesn’t always still the storm, but he will calm the sailor“. That’s my anchor and what I am grabbing hold of.

God is God” by Steven Curtis Chapman