A Holiday Tradition

Back by popular demand it is my annual posting of “A Sesame Street Thanksgiving”. Just when I thought no one would remember or care anymore, the requests came pouring in. Those on facebook were treated to this little gem yesterday. As a side note, I dedicate this posting to one of my childhood friends,  Tim Schott. Timmy passed away at about this time last year. Tim would send me an email every year to remind me to email the Sesame Street Thanksgiving to everyone. Although Tim is gone, he is never forgotten. We miss you friend.

For those new to the tradition that started several years ago, I used to email this to all that I knew as my way of saying Happy Thanksgiving. Now that we have things like facebook, Twitter and blogs, I am posting it for all to see. If this is your first year, you can also count on the legendary posting of a link to Snowcraft coming soon. Your holiday season will never be the same.

From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you all for following the bouncing ball that is my blog and mind. I appreciate your comments online, through email and offline. It’s why I do, what I do. We have much to be thankful for.


3 thoughts on “A Holiday Tradition

  1. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!
    Thanks for the pic Aaron. My siblings & I when we were younger used to tell my little brother we were having big bird on the bone. (Wasn’t very nce but he’ll get a kick out of this now).

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